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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Exo 29 and Mark 2:4 "Holiness Trumps Comfort" (February 19)

What trumps my personal comfort?  My personal holiness before a holy God.

Mark 2: 4-5 They lowered their friend through a thatched roof to Jesus cause they couldn't get near the front door of the home where Jesus was speaking.  We are going in with our friend!  Don't we need friends who are willing to pound on the door of heaven for us?  And the response of our LORD was full of grace words:  You are forgiven of your sins, now get up and walk.  He healed his soul before He healed his body. 
Exo 29-30 It's all about what holiness should look like to them.  What about our holiness this day, two thousand years later.  Are we more concerned about our personal comfort or our holiness before a Holy God?  Your sins are forgiven, therefore walk in holiness.

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