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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Exo 28:40 and Mark 1:40 "Glory & Beauty" (February 18)

Oh God, put your Glory inside of me
Not things I can see, but what no one sees
Pour out your Beauty from above
Make me live this life in love.

We pray Your Will be done this day
If You will, you can make me clean
May I know down deep all the way
Inner Beauty & Glory---not how we're seen.

Exodus 28:40 - Make these things for Glory and Beauty.
Mark 1:40 - If you will, you can make me clean.


  1. Hello! I am able to spend a bit of time on the computer and want that time to be spent here! Today's reading hit me hard as I have asked to be healed "immediately" over and over. But He asks me to "immediately" trust in Him no matter the circumstances or how long I am in them. It is honestly hard as I want the immediate. BUT I can testify to His immediate presence, His immediate comfort, and His immediate peace when I cry out to Him.

  2. Thank you Nise'for that beautiful testimony of the truth that He comes to you immediately and you have His presence,comfort and peace! What a great God! I've always noticed and marked the times when the scripture says "immediately".....He truly does act that way and then at times He delays, but we all know this....He is always on time, His perfect time.

  3. Thanks, Nise! God's timing is always perfect, and important to remember as we walk through troubles of many kinds.
    I have a prayer request today, My Dad is in the hospital. At this point it looks like a small stroke. He has a history of heart disease. He is a Christian.
    Thank you for your prayers.