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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rev 22:7 "Shalom: Everything As It Should Be" (December 31)

"Shalom! Everything as it should be."  66LL

"Behold! I am coming soon." Rev 22:7

"Demand nothing now.
Endure everything now.
He has come.
He is coming right now.
He will come again, soon.
Wait. Persevere. Hope.
Your destiny, eternal bliss, your every dream forever satisfied." 66LL

So grateful to have walked through 2011 with women like you
who are "gripped" by a very Good God, "The Sovereign-Strong".
Things are not as they seem for each of us as we have faced reality,
our children pursuing other goals, illness stretching us beyond belief,
even our own "addictive attractions" to relief from all the pain. 
You have wrestled well with The Living Word.
He is here now in each of our lives and
we will keep falling forward on His Goodness and Grace.

You've made this place a safe haven for me and many.
God bless every page of being caught up in Him.
My prayer for you on the last day of this year:
May The Sovereign Strong fulfill every thought, every desire
you have for righteousness
that He may be glorified in you.  2 Thes 1:11-12

"Nothing will change you more deeply or sustain you with more hope than hearing God speak to you in the Bible." 66LL. He did, He truly did!  He spoke!  May we listen long.

"As the biblical ax breaks the frozen sea within us and releases the warm current that flows from our God-invaded center, we become the persons we were meant to be."  66LL

Come, Lord Jesus! Today.  ~ Rev 22:20


  1. "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus."

    Let every need we have be found in You, Lord Jesus.

  2. So beautifully said, Bev! Amen and Amen!
    Blessed New Year, Pearls!