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Friday, December 30, 2011

Rev 21:4-5 "My Thinking Is Upside Down" (December 30)

Rev 21:4 ~ "He will wipe every tear from their eyes.
There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain."

In the midst of overwhelming pain, these are welcomed words.
My flesh does not want to suffer.

But I am reminded of the words of Acts 21:13 that Paul penned:
I am ready for [anything] for His Name.

Your thinking is upside down.
If I could just see into the Invisible Hands that control my life.

All pain, all sorrow, all mourning is arranged, allowed, assigned.
Rev 21:5 ~ "He will make everything new."

I must live fully alive in this present hour longing for His Return.
"You will not sing til you shudder." 66LL

"Woe is me! A person of unclean lips." Isaiah 6:5
You will not stand strong til you fall helpless before God. 66LL


  1. I love your comments today, your thinking upside down. God has changed my thinking, hopes and expectations. He has offered me healing, restoration, and a whole new attitude for a new life. I am so excited about the opportunity to start a new year, fresh and clean like the sonow outside my window.
    Yesterday, a most wonderful thing happened, our daughter invited us to Christmas with them, something I never even hoped for a year ago. And God was there, we all had a wonderful time and now have hope we will be a part of our granddaughters' lives. In letting go with both hands, I have received more hope, joy and peace I could have ever imagined.

  2. Lord, what a blessing it is to be reminded that this world is not all there is.

    What must it have been like for John to see heaven while He was experiencing Patmos?

    Paul had to let go of Patmos in order to experience the call to see the New Jerusalem, the bride made ready.

    What do I need to let go of today? I'm ready. I'm willing. Hands open wide. Heart willing to be healed. Eyes wide open. Ears alert...

  3. Oh, Jan! I am sitting here with tears streaming down my eyes for you. You have offered love at a high cost to you and it is so beautiful to see hear that this has happened. I'm speechless and stunned and so thrilled for you. May God enlarge your heart to possess more of Him. May you grow in His Love and Grace this coming year. You have done well, sister! You have done really well. May you excel all the more! My Dear Love to you!

  4. Twinkle, I love you dearly! Distance may keep us from seeing each other, but you give us all your beautiful heart every time you show up. What stirs in you is a beautiful thing! Have thought about you so much over the holidays. Praying for you, my dear, that this new year will be full of hope. You long well, you live well, you love well. Your words slip and stay deep in my heart. Love you so!

  5. What sweet news of God making all things new, Jan. Your faithful love must please Him so. I'm so happy for you this day for a new start of restoration in your family.

    And Deborah--I so agree with Bev. You love so beautifully here. Your words linger here like a sweet fragrance. Your beautiful heart shines for your amazing God.

    It is a blessing to know that this world is not all there is, and a sober reminder. What am I investing in? A messy home isn't a big deal, but an unattended heart can be Life-threatening. So many things to do this day, and yet, my heart says, stay, linger here for a while. Sit with the Lord and examine the year, hold it in my heart, be at peace with the events of the year, and look ahead to His return.

    I've had some down time this week to just sit and it has been exactly what I needed. Time to be still and know He is Lord of everything--and when I get out of the way, He has more use for me. Worries diminish, pain is an awakening, strife is an opportunity. Much blessing in 2012 as your hearts turn to Jesus alone.