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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gen 1:2 and Matt 1:23 ~ Rejoice When Rivers Run Dry" (January 1)

Empty Earth.
Empty Hearts.

Gen 1:2b ~ ..."the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters."
Rejoice.  The rivers run dry but soon will be filled.

Matt 1:23b ~ "what is conceived is from the Holy Spirit."
Rejoice.  The River of Life courses through 42 generations.
"Immanuel, which means God with us."

God was moving in my turbulent waters
before the rivers were filled.

God was moving over my darkness
before the light revealed the earth.

We were in his heart before the Foundations.
Written in the Book of Life, we're told.

With one Word,
The Living Word spoke in Genesis.
The Living Word became flesh in Matthew.

The Living Word came not for curious followers
He came to find committed followers. Find me, Oh Living Word.
This Written Word is written to lead us to Him Who is Holy.
May we find Him in ways we never dreamed this 2012.

Tears of joy this new year morn.
The Light of the World still hovers and hangs and hunts and humbles.
He stoops this Sunday into my darkness.
Would you do Your Work in us this year, this present hour?
May I rejoice when my rivers run dry.


  1. Happy New Year 2012 to the new and the old. New friends we will meet here this year and see the Divine in you. Old faithful friends who will return and we are ever so grateful. You would laugh if I told you how many hours it has taken me to find wireless in Dallas. My sister's computer would not allow me to get onto blogger. Blogger said they were getting rid of their "Legacy" folks who didn't post. Ha! Finally found a wireless coffee shop in McKinney where I type. So good to meet you this beautiful blank new year day. Something awesome about a fresh new slate. Funny thing is that we have it every morning with brand new mercies, every moment with brand new welcome into His Heart.
    May this year hold for you much Hope as the Living Word invades our darkness and our rivers that have run dry. I am convinced that nothing will change us more. Deut 32:47 ~ "These are not just idle words for you, they are your very life." Welcome 2012. Welcome good friends! So glad to know you!

  2. A New Year-Beginnings, blank slates where God speaks and it is so. Take away the peripheral and Original Light shine into the darkness. Spotlight Center Stage for us while all other pales. Nebulous places, come into focus only as God speaks and reveals.

    To see through His Eyes this year, to be silent in the darkness and simply wait on Him, His timing, His Word, His Revelation. Be born new again in our hearts, Immanuel, God with us!

    A blessed new year awaits. Go, take hold of it in full confidence in the One who speaks and it is so.

  3. I felt such hope in trusting God for the new year. I am thinking that this is the first time in all of my life that I felt such hope. Tears kept filling my eyes when we sang, Crown Him Lord of All and oh, my when we sang the Revelation arms didn't even get tired as I held them up in worship of Him.

    As I face the new year and some new challenges, I felt such peace that He was right there with me and
    was speaking peace to me that He had heard my heart's prayer and was going to answer it. His mercies are new every morning. It is as you said Bev, a fresh new slate for Him to write on. And as Annette said to be silent before Him and wait on Him. This puts words on to what I was feeling as I worshiped in church this morning. What a good God we serve.

    Thank you faithful Bev, for looking so hard to find a place where you could post. He will honor your faithfulness and love for His word and for the rest of us.

  4. Happy New Year!
    Loved your thoughts, Bev. Today's reading is a rich and thought-provoking combination of the Old Testament and New Testament record of the beginning of physical man and the generations leading up to Joseph. Creation.

    How do we fit in this story?

    I am so very thankful for the Bible. God's Holy Word.

    I was so blessed to see the performance of so many great Christian artists, musicians and speakers in Atlanta last month as they performed music inspired by "The Story." I'm listening to "Be Born In Me," Mary's song, as I type. I was there, right up front, to hear Francesca Battistelli sing this beautiful song. I am changed from experiencing this entire performance. DVDs are available with the graphics and songs. Nothing compares to the live performance. But the DVD is beautiful and stirring. I recommend it as we start once again the greatest story ever told.

    May each one of us come here just as empty, just as thirsty, just as desperate and needy as we can possibly be...seeking His life to be in us. He is life. May He be born in us.

    Here's a link to "Be Born In Me" if you would like to listen...

  5. An amazing piece of writing. I am blessed.

  6. Happy New Year!

    Pondering on God's mystery that "In the beginning" that He had planned before the foundation of the world that He would send us "Immanuel" and should be called that beautiful name of Jesus!