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Saturday, May 25, 2019

"Cisterns. My Greatest Fear." Jeremiah 38-41

The warriors went to King Zedekiah about Jeremiah's prophecies against their city.  Jeremiah spoke the truth.  Babylon would win.  The men couldn't face it.  They told the king he had to be put to death.  And the spineless King told them he wouldn't oppose them at all.

So they threw the prophet in a cistern filled with mud, no water.
What thoughts coursed through the very veins of Jeremiah? 
How could the King?
How could he?
I'll shrivel to nothing in a deep damp dark hole. 

But God.
God was moving as He is in all our shadows, the other side of the story.
One of the court officials was moved by the plight of the prophet.  No more!
He asked the king to save Jeremiah.
They did.
Lifted him out using every-day rags. Jer 38:13

There is so much more going on than what I see.
Every-day items can alter the world if they are used for God's purposes.
Cisterns are one of my greatest fears.
Being unwanted and forgotten and hurled away.
I wonder what God is up to.

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