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Monday, March 26, 2018

"Not One Detail Has Failed of God Being Good To Me" Joshua 22-24; Matthew 3

One man can chase down 1,000, God promises---for it is the Lord Who fights for you.  He is with you.  And it is by His Mighty Power that we are able to fall forward, chase down, stand up.  No matter if you are in affliction or elation, God fights for you, we need only trust.  This past week may possibly have been the lowest of strength but the deepest of words to me---not one detail has failed of all the good God has planned for my life.  While I'm on the floor passed out, thinking I may not make it.  No matter the affliction, He is still doing us good. My finite mind defaults: How can God be good in this? Where is my trust in the mystery?  Where is my trust when the vine doesn't blossom, the cattle stalls are empty?  Do I trust only when things go my way?  According to my understanding? Trust from the bottom up. Go with that with all of your heart, with everything within you. Joshua 23:14. And I didn't even know what was happening until I was right in the middle of it. We try way too hard to figure life out. Life is not about how strong we are.  It's all about the Mighty God we serve in surrender. Stand in awe of Him and all He is doing. Not one detail fails---God is good to you.  Keep on Believing. 

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