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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"The Lord Provides" Genesis 20-22, Matthew 6:19-34

When God sees that it is in man's necessity, He will see to it Himself that it is yours.  The Lord provided for Abraham a lamb in the thicket.  Gen 22:14. The Hebrew word for "provide" means to see it to completion, to do it yourself. and, The Jehovah God provides to this very day.  What is it that our little family really needs?  Holiness. 

I know one need for life itself.  Bob was out-of-town.  I prayed Psalm 46:1 before I closed my eyes.  In the smack dab middle of the night, I shot straight up in bed.  Something was wrong.  Barrett had accidentally knocked against the space heater, turning it on.  The whole house was filled with fumes.  Flinging windows open, the air returned to its perfect quality.  A silent killer almost delivered a fatal blow.  The Lord provided, even in sleep.

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