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Monday, August 21, 2017

August 21 "Superstitions" Obadiah 1 and Jonah 1-4

The sailors vowed to follow God if he saved them from shipwreck. But they were not like Jonah. Jonah promises from the belly of a whale. And he means it! Let me not cling to worthless idols and turn away from God's love for me. Jonah 2:8 This passage serves up the fallacies of superstitions. We can learn that the opinion of man sets up religion according to our own will. Some think that they gain much from their set-up superstitions and the ideology made up of men and tradition and opinions and inventions. But they have forsaken the fountain of living water. They have dug their own cisterns. Jer 2:13. And the holes in the bucket hold no water, no life.

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