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Monday, April 17, 2017

April 18 "Don't Remind Me of My Sin" I Kings 15-17

Did you come to remind me of my sin? I Kings 17:18, spoke the widow.  She had already lost her husband.  Now, her only son was dead.  Elijah! Why did you bring this on us---first, no rain ... now, no breath in my precious son.  He's gone.

And, oh! The faith stirs in Elijah.  No one had ever seen someone resurrected from the dead! Elijah asks.  And the request falls on the mercy of God.

It is the living of our lives in holiness that brings change.  Surrender of our sinful ways.  It's not a change of mind but a change of heart.  Now, I know the word in your mouth is truth.  Now I know.  I Kings 17:24.  It's not that you didn't know before.  You just really know today.

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