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Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 17 "Drop The Word" I Kings 12-14

Yesterday, we were all dead.  Today, we are all alive in Him----if we surrender.  Jeroboam wants to be buried with the holy man---the surrendered one God used to speak His Word and breathe things into existence.  Yet, Jeroboam wasn't interested in following God fully.  He wasn't willing to take down the high places, the gods separating Jeroboam from God.  Yet, he thought what he was doing was enough.  I Kings 13:33 - even after all of this, Jeroboam didn't change his evil ways.  May the Word drop in our hearts and make us come alive to what is true and right and good and just and holy.  Make us alive today---a little more than yesterday!  

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