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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 11 "You Are the Brightness After The Rain" 2 Samuel 22-24

The historian draws his conclusion of David's reign. It is David's last words and they are spoken by inspiration. And he refers to his seed which who will live forevermore. David settles the crown on Solomon's head; he settles his treasures upon the temple which was to be built by the next king. Here. Worthy words to be remembered to this very day. His house is right with God. He was raised up on high to see further than his neighbors.

So I sit tonight at a sweet spot where it was the lowest of the lows for me about a decade ago. I never thought I'd see the light of day. The Great Divide. Where God stepped in a took hold of me. 2 Sam 22:17-19 and rescued me from deep waters. And I don't even know how to swim. And my friends confronted me, but the Lord was my support. And He brought me to a spacious place. It took a bit. It was worth everything to know Him now. 2 Sam 24:14 - may we continue to fall into the hands of God and His Great Mercy and not into human hands.

And that's where it brings us to today. The Mercy of God.

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