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Saturday, January 7, 2017

January 8 "Trading Trending Soup for Things Eternal" Genesis 25-26

What good is the birthright? Gen 25:32.  Esau traded his honor for food.  Abraham bestowed his best on Esau, what he believed he owed his boys.  His blessing for life.  Esau wanted what he wanted at that moment.  May we all be people of truth and not live for the moment.  Esau couldn't defer his desire for a glaring want.   Lost a blessing for life for a mess of pottage for a few moments.  Small choice.  Drastic consequences.  Not only did he lose the physical but he lost the spiritual---but then again, he didn't really want what he had.

Photo:  Christmas 2017.  The littles.  When we are tiny people, we live for the moment; grab for whatever is in front of us; defer nothing.  But when we grow up, what do we trade our moments for?


  1. Bev so good to see you here on this tenth year of reading the Bible. It has forever changed me. I love the way you say This Book reads us. Amen. And bless you for your faithfulness.

    So, Jacob. Make a trade with me me--a firstborn birthright for a small bowl of stew. . . is that what we are doing this day. Trading the eternal provision for a quick comfort? Shortsighted and ungrateful for the enormity of the Gift, we get a little too comfortable with the here and now. Because it's here and fulfills the now. And one day, we wake up and we are old and realize the waste, the futility of serving the now, the deceptive "urgency" of the moment. And the Quiet Voice waited patiently, knowing this time would come. The eternal bank account is running low and we have nothing. Nothing even for the now. So now the now is pretty shallow and meaningless. And we beg desperately for the birthright. Lord, help us.

    1. Oh! dear Annette! Your thoughts are deep and so stirring. It was so good to be with you over the weekend. So good! God is moving in your life!

  2. "And they lived in hostility toward all the tribes related to them."

    Note: This is not an original thought.

    We wonder why there is such turmoil in the Middle East. God explains it plainly in this verse. Yet we continue to pray for peace in Jerusalem. Come Lord Jesus, quickly.

    My prayer today:
    LORD, help me to recognize my fleshly desires, where they hinder my spiritual promises.

    1. I tripped up over the packaging of my yogurt this morning---and I thought about the porridge. I want things my way --- so strong, so wrong. Love this thought, Carol, and may we all realize what we are doing with these "fleshly desires." So delighted you are doing this with us!