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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 14 "Don't Think Too Much of Your Trials" Hebrews 12-13

Dear Ones, Don't despise the trials, the chastening that comes your way.  Charles Spurgeon once said:  Don't think too little of the afflictions.  Don't think too much of them.  I've had a few in this life---and it's a good place for me not to think "too much" of what has happened---it is part of the heritage of being His child.  Cause if you think it was too much, well, you faint and grow weary.  Stand tall in the midst of it all.  We are surrounded with a great cloud of witnesses.  Lay aside the weight of demanding, the sin that entangles you.  I've shown partiality and there is no place for it.  I've let every one of you down.  But, I'm still changing, listening, growing, falling forward. Throw your whole strength into your high calling.  Run with patience, eyes fixed on Jesus.  

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