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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19 "Cheer Up & Take Matters into your own hands" I Kings 21-22

Dear Dear Children, Either we are moving toward good, toward God, or away.  All these kings.  May we see how we are taking matters into our own hands.  These chapters show the intentions of their hearts.  That Still Small Voice from yesterday, Today.  May we move toward Goodness.  The Lord longs to be good to each of you.  But if we do not want His Goodness . . .  What do we really want?  Jezebel admonished her husband, the king who was sullen over a failed business deal.  The king who possessed no natural force of character as to move to openly rebel and seize the land. This landowner meant no disrespect---he followed his conscience---he couldn't sell his inheritance. Yet. This is not how we act as king, the obdurate Queen Jezebel derided.  Cheer up!  It's all good, as they say today.  Be positive.  And she goes on to say:  I'll take care of it and seal the deal, even if it means killing someone over it.  And Jezebel seals her ignominous fate. Yes, she did---Jezebel took a life.  And her king husband responded to Elijah's stern rebuke over such evil.  And God deferred the punishment to the children.  Oh my.  What do we want?

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