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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 9 "No Prisoner of Circumstances" Philemon 1

Paul is in jail. 
He calls himself a "prisoner of Christ."
Philemon 1:1
Not shackled to any prison guard.
Chained to the Chariot.
Shackled to the Pioneer & Author of his faith.
No prisoner of circumstances.
That's a word I've been waiting for forever.
I must say: I am no prisoner of my circumstances.
It is a chain with which Christ has invested me.
"My badge of office."  Lightfoot.

DEAR GOD, PLEASE CHANGE ME IN THESE 10,000 MOMENTS where the shackles of this world let loose and the veil over my eyes becomes translucent.  May I deeply know in the eyes of my heart that I am not a prisoner of my circumstances.  And may I live by this Philemon mantra of verses 8 and 9.  I could very well order people what to do---tell my children, direct my husband, instruct my friends, command of those who work under me.  But we are all under grace!  Verse 9 reveals:  I would rather appeal because of love.  That's it, God!  I want to appeal to my class, my friend, my daughter, my co-worker out of love! 

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