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Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 10 "What Do You Want?" Matthew 20-21

“What is it you want?” he asked.

She said, “Grant that one of these two sons of mine may sit at your right and the other at your left in your kingdom.”  Matthew 20:21

Mark says it was the 2 brothers who asked.  Matthew says the mama asked for superior positions, right smack dab next to the heart of the King.  They thought Jesus would establish a Kingdom on earth.  So, why not ask for first dibs on the highest position in the land.

What drives these people to pursue ambition?
What drive my very own ambition as I approach sunset years?
Why did they want positions far above their peers?
Did the mom really think she could just ask and Jesus would nod "yes."

Jesus' replies about suffering.  Hmmm.  Why do we default to solving our problems and reversing life's tragedies.  God never intended for us to live on the throne.  He calls us to live in this present moment.  What do I really want?  What do my questions expose?

If I have love and great ambition for the Kingdom, I still have ambition.  Noisy clanging cymbals.

DEAR GOD, PLEASE CHANGE ME IN MY 10,000 MOMENTS OF SINFUL AMBITION where I want to be recognized, validated, appreciated, loved here on this earth.  May I care more about celebrating You and Your Kingdom no matter where my place is.  You are the God of all tight places and we may have to suffer in this present world---why do we think we are exempt?

PHOTO:  I have talked to God about ambition at this little lake so many times.  What do I really want?  What if God leaves me with "no show"?  What if God doesn't put closure on the suffering in our lives?  What if?  What do my questions really reveal?  Ambition.

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