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Friday, October 31, 2014

October 31 Patient Endurance" Romans 5, 6

The saints' happy state is a state of grace. Into this grace we are brought."  Matthew Henry. That means it is not innate or inherent or inherited.  We have been brought to this place of grace.  It's not anything that we have done to deserve. It has been freely given to us. "And those who have hope for the glory of God hereafter, have enough to rejoice in now. Tribulation worketh patience, not in and of itself, but the powerful grace of God working in and with the tribulation."  So whatever we face in struggle, there is a Powerful Grace working in and with that hard place where we stand.
"Patient sufferers have most of the Divine consolations, which abound as afflictions abound. It works needful experience of ourselves. This hope will not disappoint, because it is sealed with the Holy Spirit as a Spirit of love. It is the gracious work of the blessed Spirit to shed abroad the love of God in the hearts of all the saints.  A right sense of God's love to us, will make us not ashamed, either of our hope, or of our sufferings for him."  Matthew Henry. 

Just watched a story on the "I Am Second" website about Ethan: This 13-year-old is not ashamed of his suffering and neither am I. 
Therefore present yourselves to God as alive from the dead." Rom 6:13.  People don't want us to suffer---they don't want to hear the trodden stories.  And they miss the Grace of God there.

I want to remember these Words as long as I live. 

COME BOLDLY: Timeless Prayers 
Father, we do pray for patient endurance.  Help us to see that these tightnplace You have us in are working "needful experience of ourselves."  Come Lord Jesus, hear the cries of our hearts; shed Your Love in our hearts. 

PHOTO:  Contemplating the Powerful Grace of God that is working in me and you as we walk this path of suffering. :

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