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Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9 "Importunate Prayers" Luke 17, 18

Luke 18 opens with an importunate widow grappling for favor with an unjust Judge.  And it ends with a poor blind man grasping for sight with an ever-present Savior. 

The Kingdom is present in both.

Luke 17:22 is the context written to all who live in end times. That's us. And His Spirit is in you and me.  It's a "Kingdom set up in our hearts by the power of Divine Grace."  Planted in our hearts forever.  For, He is coming back and will find sinners on the earth waiting for Him.  The wicked will move on to their destiny according to Luke 17.  I studied Latin in high school.  One of the first words that you learned in the study of Latin was the verb porto, which means to carry, and the noun porta, which means a door or a gate. Importunate prayer means  persistent prayer, urgent prayer, annoyingly urgent.

As we wait for His coming, we ought always pray. Luke 18:1

COME BOLDLY: Timeless Prayers -
Dear God, We beg you to hear our cries and answer us today.  For Your Kingdom is set up in our hearts and we cannot even comprehend nor convey our wonder and awe in rightful amounts.  Hear these humble words of ours carried to you, annoyingly but importunate, for Your Ear is kind and loving.  And we need You so.

PHOTO: The suns set tonite in ATX on some rough patches in my life.  Things I don't understand.  Words escape.  Divine Grace abounds.  Come Lord Jesus. 

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