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Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 3 "Superficial" Judges 10-12

The roller coaster book of Judges. 
Forgetting forsaking God one generation then 
Surrendering self-awareness of their sin and turning---but is it real? 
 "And the people of Israel cried out to the Lord, saying, 'We have sinned against you, because we have forsaken our God and have served the Baals.'”Judges 10:10. All I can ask---is my soul being real? God never heals us "superficially." He heals wholly, holy, His. 

 "My plan is to change you from the inside out, to change your motives---why you do what you do---and to change your impact on people so that how you relate to them will make them thirsty for Me and will draw them into desperate, grateful dependence on Me." 66LL  One thing that Crabb has done for me is to help me see the impact of my life on others.  I think way too many of us go through life never really knowing how we really impact those we love and our community (way too many intensifiers in that sentence---trying to make my point).  Do you really know how you are impacting your husband, your children, your world?  From the clerk at the grocery store to your friend sharing a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  This train of thought has intrigued me---oh, way more than that, it has caused me to repent for my arrogance, anger, and ambition out-of-control.

Jephthah's tragic vow in Judges 12---to offer anyone who comes through his door as a burnt offering. And it's his only child. How horrible is this. Do I throw people under the bus? Obviously not this severity, but for whom do I sacrifice a burnt offering. So very grateful to a Good God for Infinite Mercy for all that we do.

COME BOLDLY: Timeless Prayers
Make us faithful where we are not mighty warriors. Make it so, O God. Under the Infinite Mercy.

PHOTO: Orting, Washington. An old logging town. Happened on this path on the Carbon River breathless wondering about life.


  1. In today's reading we see human nature in action - falling away from God and returning to Him when we are desperate and then a vow. It is a reminder to check our heart and our motive before we utter a vow to God. Lord God - please help us this day as we strive to live fully for You with pure hearts and pure motives.

  2. Careless words, tragic consequences!

    Love the quote by Crabb--"...desperate, grateful dependence"

    Jephthah wanted victory so badly, he could taste it. He speaks a rash vow and loses far more than he might gain in a "victory." Oh, the pain of this carelessness!

    I so want God to change my "want to." I can go through the motions but my motives are what He examines, and rightfully judges. My heart's first response is rarely right. I have hesitation or a critical spirit, an uprising of anger, then I can talk myself into the better way. But not always.

    Oh do it, Lord. Change our hearts from the inside out. Change our motives. Change our "want to" to line up with Your Will. We desperately need You. For nothing in me is pure, save Jesus alone. In Your infinite Mercy, save us from ourselves, our false motives, our careless words, our unthinking actions that fall so short of Grace. Amen.