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Friday, April 4, 2014

April 4 "God Orchestrates Promotion" Judges 13-15

There is a verse that has intrigued me over the past 8 years where we went from 1,000 friends to about 10 friends in one day.  My husband lost his job of 27 years.  And Psalm 75:7 says that promotion does not come from the east or the west nor even the south.  Not from where the sun sets faithfully every night.  Not from the hand of any man.  God lifts one up and sets another into obscurity.  But what God did, meanwhile, was what was best for us---He did just that to us.  It is His doing and it could not have been a better thing for me.

And here is Samson, God lifted him to kill 1,000 with a raw fresh jawbone. Whether we are beautifully lifted up or carefully set down, we are never to cherish ambition over love. And here these people are, once again, becoming worse.  Holiness does not demand seeing God as we think He should be, loving others how we think it should go.  If I have learned anything in the past 8 years, it's this---only when I look deeply into what I am doing and repent of my demands of life having to go like I want it to, will I experience freedom to truly love God and my world, to truly live well.

Am I more afraid of losing what I've chalked up as the good life here than I am about losing a good relationship with my God?  May that always be our deepest concern---our relationship with our God.  And the one will become 1,000 for the right reasons.

COME BOLDLY:  Timeless Prayers
Father, we know in our head that we can trust Your Love when our lives are falling apart at the seams.  Help us really know it in our hearts when things happen today that make us feel small and distant and sad.  Be our Everything.

PHOTO:  A beautiful ATX sunset makes you ponder wonder linger.  Had to run through a field to get to the edge to capture the sinking blaze.  What I am mulling over today is letting go of the demands when things have gone so awry.  Under the Son.

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