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Friday, April 13, 2012

Judges 5:31 and Luke 13:19 "What is the Kingdom Really Like?" (April 14)

You just have to read Scripture in context. This is all still about the Kingdom. Luke 13:19 ~ What is the Kingdom like? A mustard seed. A mustard tree. The shade leaves loom large and offer a respite, a rest. Don't we all need to find a little more rest in our lives. Something happened to me 6 years ago and as I faced my Maker, I changed my value on physical rest. Honestly, the spiritual value shattered first---reversed those days of "little sleep." I now sleep like a baby every single night. I am finding a little bit more of a rest spiritually, too, than ever before. A tremendous freedom to be free from what others think of me, even now. Judges 5:31 “May your friends be like the sun as he rises in his might.” And the land had rest for 40 years. Physical rest. Spiritual rest. Oh, may we know a tiny bit more of rest this day than we knew yesterday. And for me, freedom from what this Christian community thinks. People seem to be so fixated on behavior without looking at what lies beneath their actions. What is the Kingdom really like?

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  1. Poor afraid Gideon, commanded by God yet too afraid so he acts in the night. Better to obey God in the dark than to disobey in light.