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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Joshua 10:9 and Luke 10:9 "The Kingdom is Near" (April 8)

About twenty centuries ago, on this Easter Sunday, God raised Christ from those among the dead. Mary prepared 75 pounds of spices from Nicodemus to prepare his body. Joseph of Arimathea wrapped His ravaged body tightly and totally. They prepared Him for a traditional burial not a Resurrection. Nobody really expected the Christ to rise, did they ??---except the Jewish leaders. The Jewish authorities didn't want that to happen, therefore good guards protected the entrance to the grave. Even when the first reports hit the streets that the tomb was empty, the response from the disciples was one of disbelief. Jesus was alive and when we believe that, so are we. Alive in Christ. The Kingdom is near. It is here. Luke 10:9 ~ The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. C. S. Lewis said it's the verse that Satan wants you to believe: the Kingdom of Heaven is here on earth and life here is what it is all about. No, it's a foretaste of what is to come---the day we live for---when we are with Him for all Eternity. Meanwhile, the Kingdom is near, even in your mouth. May the God you love draw you a little closer this Resurrection morn. Happy Easter. He's Alive and so are we!


  1. He's Alive and I am forgiven, heaven's gates are open wide! He's Alive! The enemy is alive and well here on plant earth. A dear friend and I were attacked yesterday by him, through family members. How he tried to steal my joy,BUT I refused those thoughts and clung to my Lord. Went to sunrise service, chilly but blessed. Tears flowed when we sang Because He lives!

    Blessings on all today. Love you in Him, those whom I've never seen face to face. You are special. We shall see each other one day!

  2. One day, Mary Lou, I shall see your face. Your words have meant so much for such a long time now. One day, I'll have a face to put with those words.

  3. Me,too, Mary Lou. Glorious Day! Love you two ladies!

  4. Me,too, Mary Lou. Glorious Day! Love you two ladies!

  5. Of course, Satan would attack on this day. I am so sorry, Mary Lou! I had a moment fighting back tears when I saw my daughter take Communion for the first time with her husband and stepson. He's nine and did not know why we celebrate Easter. So we went fishing and I told him. In contrast, I was with my son and daughter in law and Bella in the hospital when she was one day old and we had the Lords Supper together.

    Praying for Cathy today in surgery and for Lindsay as she goes for an interview this afternoon.