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Friday, April 6, 2012

Josh 4:23 and John 9:20 "The Mighty Hand of Our God" (April 6)

It is the Mighty Hand of our God that is working in our lives. If I could tell you what God has done for Bob and me this past year, it's simply phenomenal. Can't share it here out of respect for others. Joshua 4:23 For the Lord your God dried up the waters of the Jordan for the Israelites until they passed over, as the Lord your God did to the Red Sea. Wondering this day what waters the LORD your God has dried up for you. Why did He really dry up the river? Because they had to get across? God wanted all the peoples of the earth to know that the Hand of the Lord is Mighty, that you may Fear the Lord your God Forever. And we go back to the question that really matters in all of life. A question that each one of us must wrestle with. Jesus asked each of his disciples: John 9:20 Who do you say that I am? When we've stood on dry ground and didn't feel a trace of engulfing water, do we humbly bow the knee before our Maker?


  1. God has dried up the waters in a powerful way for me.
    A miracle has happened.
    Our daughter and son-in-law are coming for Easter dinner. I can hardly believe it. God is always at work, even when I give up or just don't see it.
    The waters have receded and I am ready to cross the sea.

  2. Jan, I am praising God with you that He has parted the waters and your daughter and son in law are coming for Easter dinner.

    I have had Him part the waters for me on more than one occasion and oh, how I have bowed the knee and said, "it is only YOU, Lord God that could have done this for me" One time I had not trusted Him to work things out and I was wiling to lie, unknown to me, my daughter was praying that I would not have to. He moved in a way that I would never have dreamed of or thought to pray for and I praised Him for keeping me from having to lie to achieve something that I knew had to be done to protect me and someone else. Would not have seemed like a miracle or a praise to anyone but me, BUT I knew that He showed up! And I was
    oh, so grateful.

    He is still in the business of parting the waters,even when we don't ask Him to. That is the beauty of it all.

    It's Friday, ladies, BUT Sunday IS coming!

    Blessings on everyone's celebration of our Lord's resurrection! Because He lives!

  3. Oh, Jan! I know your heart is bursting! So thankful for this Resurrection Day for you, and for each of us. He's done so much on our behalf, and today, we remember the Cross. Because the Cross makes the Resurrection possible. The shame and sin and suffering He bore on my behalf slays me. The words, "And He breathed His last" send a shiver of pure awe through my veins. The darkness for three hours two thousand years ago rip at the seams of my heart as God grieved His Son's separation. The Veil torn that lends access to the Highest Throne for sinners like me!
    Oh, this Day, this Day! All for you. All for me.

  4. Those stones of remembrance...imagining what it must have been like to take that first step into the rushing waters. Faith is so difficult to define. But that first step into the rushing waters is a picture of what faith is to believers. We may not see His Hand, but we believe and we know the way we go.
    We have a stone of remembrance today. It is a stone that entombed the dead body of Jesus. It is a stone that couldn't keep Him captive. Man tried. In today's reading on the transfiguration, Moses and Elijah talked with Him about His departure. How comforting it is to know that Jesus was prepared for this coming suffering.
    My foot is in the rushing waters. My heart is steady faithful towards the path God calls me to walk.
    I have many testimonies of His trustworthiness.
    Today, on Good Friday, I have a stone of remembrance that my God is Faithful and Mighty and Personal.
    Thankful today for Jesus. My Saviour.

  5. Jan...that is the sweetest news! I know God is pleased that you have opened your heart to His work in your family's need. I am encouraged by your testimony today. May God continue rolling stones away from dead bones in our families.

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  7. Oh Jan, I have no words. This one has been tucked away in your heart for a long time. And your big toe has been in that water waiting or it to part. Here it through it and enjoy every minute of Easter!

  8. Oh Jan, I have no words. This one has been tucked away in your heart for a long time. And your big toe has been in that water waiting or it to part. Here it through it and enjoy every minute of Easter!

  9. It's Good Friday. Anything about today that makes it holier than yesterday. We are driving north on I-35 and I just passed 3 men hanging on a cross. Yes, I did. I have not been happy today. Our only car lost its transmission, lost its mind. A little overwhelming to go without a car. I can walk to work and to the grocery so it is not fatal. But, I cannot get to my children. So we rented a car for the weekend to drive to see our children for Easter. I'm not happy. Why is it that circumstances so control my outlook? I need a better heart not better circumstances!