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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Num 22:15 and Mark 15:27 "Standing in the Darkness, Take A Hand" (March 17)

Numbers 22:15 ~ God told Moses that Moses didn't uphold HIM as holy in the eyes of the people of Israel ... so, Moses will not be assigned to bring his assembly into the land God has given them. I don't hear Moses throwing a frightful fit that he lost the privilege.  What does Moses know about God that I do not?  Probably, a lot!  But when Moses fails, what does it look like?  How does Moses handle his loss of leadership?

Fast forward hundreds of years later.  Jesus becomes the Word made flesh and walks in the same places where Moses did.  And Someone forsakes Him?  Who you might ask?  God!  And there is Darkness everywhere ... until The Curtain is torn in two.  Symbolic of the New Kingdom for me, for you.  We don't have to live in the darkness because our Friend was crucified there between two robbers. Mark 15:27. Therefore, we can live, truly live  --- big lives, brave lives, beautiful lives.

We now hear That Voice calling:  Come unto Me.  And every day, we come to Him, not knowing if we are doing it right or even hearing Him right.  "Faith is standing in the darkness, and a hand is there, and we take it."  Will you reach out in your Darkness this day to the One Who can change you to make you fearless, courageous, faith-filled, and loving --- mothers and wives and daughters and friends who will be changed daily from glory to glory and leave, every day, a mark in this world. 


  1. What a blessing to come here each day to read The Word and then to read how He speaks to each one of us.
    The tearing of the curtain that symbolizes our access to Jesus through the Father and not having to go through or to any other person is always one of the most beautiful things to me in the scripture. He made a way, He tore the veil....One of the many things that I am thankful for this day.

    I want to share briefly of a 15 year old boy who is very strong in his faith and so is his family and God is showing up in a Big way for them and using Trey to show off for Him. The boy was diagnosed the first of the month with stage 4 pancreatic cancer..usually only seen in people of 60 and older. He has been given 11 months with treatment and 3-4 with no treatment. He is testifying of God in ways that makes you cry and bless God. One of the big blessings, is that because St. Jude could not treat him, because this is NOT a childhood cancer, they are paying for his treatment at West Clinic,here in Memphis. Now is that not a Big God who has made a way for this young man. I am so blessed to have read about him and to have prayed for him. I have never met him, but oh, how I love him. He truly is a child of the King and pointing so many to Him. May his life show many the way to Life.

  2. Mary Lou, it is deeply moving to see teens and Tebow's take the Hand in their darkness. Hunter is a precious senior at our school who had "mono" and just couldn't get better. No, it was lymphoma. To watch firsthand, our students embrace her in her dark days has been stunning to the glory of God. Hunter has honored Him so in midst of her chemo and blood transfusions and radiation and not just difficult days but horrific ones. She was on the cheer team but not her senior year now. Picture of health one day and now she walks with a little limp trusting Him every step of the way for His Glory. May these young people find Him in ways they never imagined.

  3. Thank you for sharing the story of the 15 year old boy. It makes me thankful for good health, and also reminds me how powerful God is.