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Friday, March 16, 2012

Num 17:12 and Mark 15:2 "He Is Coming To Me" (March 16)

I am in awe at the Compassionate God Who is coming to me this year.  I am surprisingly stunned, simply spellbound. 

Because of His Death in this chapter,
He moves.
He lives.
He comes.
Every day if I'll just listen, wait, relinquish control. 
I tried so hard to not lose control under anesthesia this week when it's ludicrous to even think that I was ever in charge to begin with. 

Mark 15:2 King of the Jews --- That's the Crime? 
Pilate knew this Man was innocent, but he crumbled and asked the crowd:
"What shall I do with this Man?" 
Wonder why popularity ruled his roost. 
Wonder why Pilate couldn't judge based on the standards of the Word of God and the community of those who were wise in his day, not a crowd who begs for an insurrectionist to be released.
Just like the Israelites in Number 17:12 who were undone, they were all undone.  I am undone.

And here comes a God of Justice to undo us all and end this old way of life.  It's all about Him coming to us, now.  He is in control and only He knows what comes next for each of us. 

What am I trying to keep alive that He is trying to put to death?  For me this day, it's what the crowd thinks, the popularity of Caesar who stood on the shoulders of the betrayers not The Betrayed. 

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  1. Good Friday and Simon the Cyrene, summoned cross bearer, remembered for all generations, with a name, too, unlike the unnamed woman in Mark whom Jesus said would be remembered each time the story of the alabaster perfume poured over him story was retold.

    Each detail of this Story is so precious, so painful. Each piece is part of our story, and the long road of redemption because of such Love. It's our Life story because He was willing to die.

    Silent reverence for the moment stirs in my heart. What a good God we have on our side.