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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lev 25:2 and Mark 11:17 "Standing Invitation" (March 7)

Mark 11:17 ~ My House shall be called a place of prayer.  It's not something we "do" but it's who we are.  People who are attached to the Living Word and living in a relationship where you want to talk with Him and walk with Him.  More than you want the pleasures of this world.  More than you want the satisfaction of this present life.  More than you want the freedom to just be whatever works best for you.  "Keep the Sabbath Day holy." Lev 25:2.  Keep our lives holy.  Open our mouths like Hannah in the temple and start murmuring, mumbling, muttering.  There is No One Who can help us, meet us, care for us, love us like Our LORD, Friend, Father, Lover.  He is knocking on my heart this day, Rev 3:19, hoping I will open up and let Him in.  A standing invitation to pray always, about everything. 


  1. I am so thankful that my own church is a House of Prayer. We pray corporately and individually for specific things going on in our nation, and for our own needs as a church, as a people dedicated to the Lord. So clear to me that prayer is our power...we get to participate in miracles by simply asking. Prayer is the prerequisite for equipping ourselves to handle the next step.

    Oswald Chambers says, "We have to pray with our eyes on God, not the difficulties."


  2. Our church too is a House of Prayer and a wonderful prayer ministry. It is such a blessing to pray at any time night or day and know that He is listening.

    Face Book is being used as a great tool to notify people of a prayer need and answered prayer. The body of Christ comes together in so many different ways.

    Praying is the only thing that can really lead you into peace and/or the means by which His peace can fill you up to overflowing.

    Love Oswald's saying...thanks is when we get our eyes off of Him and on our circumstances that we sink beneath them. We need to gaze at our problems and graze on Him.Helps to keep things in their proper perspective.