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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Deut 17:12 and Luke 5:19 "Lowered Through The Roof" (March 29)

What does it take for me to not go beyond the limits of what is appropriate, what is permitted, what is allowed? Deut 17:12 says: You shall purge the evil from Israel. And all the people shall hear and fear and not act presumptuously. Don't go beyond the limits. Are we talking about behavior or heart? Aren't we always dealing with the motives of our hearts. Were the friends who lowered the paralytic down through the roof presumptuous? I think not. We actually know they were not---Jesus called them as having faith. He could see straight into their hearts. Wonder if He will see faith or fear in me today, wisdom or presumption. It's not about doing the right things---human do'ers. It's about being a better person than I ever have been---human beings who are a little more brave, a little more beautiful because we have lowered our husbands, our children, our family, our friends through the roof ~ Luke 5:19-20.


  1. Oh, reading the laws that God set up to purge evil from the land and how closely our laws in this country reflect what God said to do to those who break the law.

    I do think with you Bev, that we are always dealing with the motives of our heart. I believe we shove them aside for often times they are not pure or what God would have them be and we push on to have our way.

    Something Jan said yesterday.."we are still here so He has something left for us to do"...I needed to hear those words. I may be in a position of leadership soon and that is so out of my comfort zone. I am praying that ONLY IF He wants me in that position and ONLY IF it will benefit others for the kingdom and will only bring Him glory do I want to be in that place. I do so want to serve Him, but not sure that is what it is.

    Carrying the picture of lowering my husband, children and family and friends through the roof so that Jesus may heal and minister to them.....what a beautiful picture, Bev...thank you.

  2. Yes, that is enough motive of why we are still here--to desperately seek Him, to go out of our way, even up on a roof to make sure our family, friends, and even strangers see Jesus. That we not only point them but bring them as best we can to His Feet. Where do we need healing? Where does our family need His Touch? We know. But taking the next step and bringing it all to His Feet requires some intentional faith and prayers.

    Been reading in Revelations lately, and who can stand on their own? Not one.

    Mary Lou, praying for your comfort as He takes you into new territory. You bring Him much glory, friend!

  3. Bev, I lower you down to Christ's feet. Heal her, blessed Jesus.

    Mary Lou, I whisper my prayer in Christ's ear. Open doors...or close doors...Thy will be done, Lord.

    Annette, I stand there with you, lukewarm at best, but praying Lord, fan a flame in our hearts today. Lord, be our Consuming Fire.

    Thankful today for friends like each one of you. Kindred hearts, kindred minds, kindred spirits. He is here in our midst.

  4. Oh what joy to see Twinkle post a stitch here. Love you so!