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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Deut 11:2 and Luke 4:34 "Consider His Mighty Hand & Outstretched Arm" March 27

Consider the Love of Christ. Can we even fathom the depth and breadth? Where do we find such language to consider today? Deut 11:2 And consider today (since I am not speaking to your children who have not known or seen it), no, He is speaking to me and to you, to consider the discipline of the Lord your God, his Greatness, his Mighty Hand and His Outstretched Arm. And I have to ask the same question we find in our New Testament reading: What do you have to do with us, LORD? Luke 4:34 What do you have to do with us? Everything.


  1. May I ask you dear friends to pray for me? It is a rather rough time right now. Yet, I have such hope in the midst of it all. I know that must be God cause it's rather disheartening facing some things. Love you guys, Bev

  2. His Mighty Hand and Outstretched Arm has you tightly in His protection, Bev. Praying for you before I publish this comment...

    “But the land that you are going over to possess is a land of hills and valleys, which drinks water by the rain from heaven, a land that the LORD your God cares for. The eyes of the LORD your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.”

    I’ve always associated these verses with a new year but today, I feel them in this transitional phase of life where I am, somewhere between young and old, mother and grandmother, fat and skinny. The words in the verse are full of such hope, yet not overly stated—it’s hills and valleys, but through it all, the Lord is there, caring and tending. As Mrs. Cowman states in Streams in the Desert “It is not all smooth nor all down hill. If life were all one dead level the dull sameness would oppress us; we want the hills and the valleys. The hills collect the rain for a hundred fruitful valleys. Ah, so it is with us!”

    He leads us on through all the unquiet years;
    Past all our dreamland hopes, and doubts and fears,
    He guides our steps, through all the tangled maze
    Of losses, sorrows, and o'erclouded days;
    We know His will is done;
    And still He leads us on.
    --N.L. Zinzendorf

    “We cannot tell what loss and sorrow and trial are doing. Trust only. The Father comes near to take our hand and lead us on our way today. It shall be a good, a blessed new year!”

  3. Love what you wrote Annette. You blessed me so with your words. Praying for you Bev. Praising Him for showing Himself to you and you knowing that it is Him....that is always a blessing.