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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Job 34:6 and Matt 14:36 "Found Wanting" (January 22)

Someone asked me today:

"What do you think God is doing in your life?"
My answer: I don't really know
but this I know...
He is doing me good.
In the midst of Sickness, Trials, Loss, Betrayal.
And maybe He is attaching me tighter to Himself,
Kind of like Eternal Velcro,
Detaching me from this world.
He is so committed to my Holiness.

Job 34:6 Was Job's wound incurable?
What happens when we are found wanting?
Yes, it's impossible for God to do evil
And Yes, God is at work among us
This Very Present Hour
and we may have no idea what He is up to.
Isn't He looking for our faith?
Bring me those who are sick
And I will heal them...
they need only touch the Hem of my Garment
Matt 14:36
I cannot touch a hem without Faith
that God is going to be Present and
work a work of faith with Power.


  1. "So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus."

    Blogger does not have the ability for me to set these words in a dramatic, bold, italic, large font...but I would if I could.

    In the midst of this great storm in the dark of night thinking they were seeing a ghost...Peter hears one word from Jesus...


    Get out of the boat.
    Walk on the stormy waves.
    Come to Me.

    I believe Jesus sees the storms in our lives and He asks us to take our eyes off the storms and come to Him.

    I've experienced the peace in the midst of great storms that His presence brings to my need.

    O us of little faith, why indeed do we doubt?

  2. Oh, Deborah I agree....I too think He sees us in the midst of our storms and holds out his arms and says...."Come to Me," take your eyes off of yourself and look unto Me....we just have trouble taking our eyes off of our circumstances, our "storm" and gazing on Him. We should glance at our storms and gaze at Him and not the other way round. Great food for thought..will stick with me a while...forever, I hope.

  3. I love you three ladies' hearts. God has carried you through storms and you've walked on water more than once. He is faithful and you testify. It's only in the storms it seems that we have opportunity to flex our faith muscle. We know He is doing good in ways we do not translate the word "good"--it's so much deeper inside of us. But we can be sure whatever we go through that He will make it produce fruit, bringing good out of bad, hard things.

    The pursuit of God, (in CS Lewis's words, Aslan) isn't safe but He's good. Sometimes we just want safe and we miss the greater good.