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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Job 32:2 and Matt 14:17 "A Silent Savior" (January 21)

We've all heard about Him with our own ears,

Open our Eyes that we may See a Silent Savior
in the midst of this Screaming World.

Job 32:2-3 ~
Elihu burned with anger at Job because Job justified himself.
Elihu burned with anger at Job's friends because they had no answer.
Why would he be so angry at someone who just lost his 10 children?
What did he not understand about Love?

I keep going back to the verse that says Jesus reveals things in the NT that were hidden since the foundation of the world. Job just did not know things about God that we do. But, here's a man who wrestled with the God He worshipped and adored. It's okay to question, to wrestle. It's where we go with it, isn't it? No place for demandingness in our hearts. Five Loaves and Two Fish. Matt 14:17. Our depravity, our nothingness is what we have to offer Him.

John's head on a platter
Our hearts on an altar
Five loaves in a child's hand
Two fish washed up from the sand
No formulas, No words
Job operates on what he's heard
One day Job's eyes will see
Oh My God will you that for me


  1. God had a message for Job but waited while Job laid out his case before God. It was as if Job was looking to God as his Judge but his friends decided to take on that role. Eliju appeared humble, waiting to have his turn to speak and letting the older men go first.
    Herod feared the ridicule of man more than he cared about righteousness or what God thought.

    Jesus feeds the multitude. In the desert. With order. With little provision. Blessed by God. Becomes more than enough. Nothing wasted. The Bread of Life.

    "The provisions of Christ's gospel appear mean and scanty to the world, yet they satisfy all that feed on him in their hearts by faith with thanksgiving." - Matthew Henry

  2. Peter Hiett has one of my top ten sermons ever on the 5 Loaves/2 Fish sermon & I'm listening to it right now as I drive back to Austin tonight. Don't worry, I'm commenting from Starbucks.

    Thank you for your unbelievable as always gracious hospitality Annette! It was an eventful it was an experience for me I'll not soon forget. To say the 24 Scriptures from Gen to Rev with tears dripping down was like revisiting our year, a year of God's Goodness. Hard Goodness but so Present!

    Meeting siestas face-to-face was truly a taste of heaven for me. Can't wait til that day when we all share in glorifying our God!

    Farewell Houston---God was so good to me here this weekend. This is my roots, where I found Him. Oh my! All Praise to Him for what He's done in my life!

    My Love to you all!

  3. "Now when it was evening, the disciples came to him and said, “This is a desolate place, and the day is now over;"

    Desolate places are perfect for the compassion of Jesus to perform miracles in our lives.

    This desolate place became so much more than a dinner on the ground. It launched Christ into the ministry He was to do. The disciples were grieving the horrific death of John the baptizer. They had recovered the headless corpse of the man that had started a revival in the hearts of repentant sinners.

    I wonder what desolate place in our lives has brought us to Jesus.

    Do we just want a miracle? Nothing wrong with that, but what if He has another plan...John didn't receive his miracle.

    A greater glory was at stake...

    Desolate John.
    Desolate prison.
    Desolate mother.
    Desolate daughter.
    Desolate seekers.
    Desolate saints.

    Every one of us needs Jesus. Will we come and see? Will we let Him choose our fate? Is it more about the message or the miracle?

    Just give me ears to hear today, Lord. And a testimony to share of Your amazing grace...

  4. I love that you were with Annette, Bev. I am so very glad that this was a special time for you and the siestas. I can hear you now speaking those verses from the depths of this past year and the soul cry of a woman who refuses to stay in a desolate place.

    Anywhere with Jesus is heaven.

  5. Just read your beautiful poem, Bev, and looked up the sermon-so very moved by his words giving Jesus our nothing...

    And Deborah, in desolate places...where we find Jesus, abundance, our desperate places consoled, broken Bread in the desert.

    More pearls today for our hearts...