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Saturday, August 24, 2019

"What To Do When Troubles Load on Top of Troubles" Jeremiah 42-45

Jeremiah prophecies to Baruch, to Bev, to Holly, to Jenny, to Drew, to Marc, to Nancy, to David, to Reid, to Kelly, to all those people suffering who serve Him faithfully. To all those people who still trust Him in the darkest difficult most trying of days. This prophecy is for you not just for Baruch who sunk when under the scrutiny of the King. Baruch was doing what was right and good and true---this scholar wrote and read the rolls of Jeremiah to the whole city. The king didn't like it. Sentenced Baruch to prison. Baruch didn't like that. So, here is God's word through Jeremiah to Baruch and to all of us. God's response: Seek not great things for yourself.  Jer 45:5. All those great things we expected. The sweet solid relationships with people whom we adore that is not happening right now. The beautiful ministries where we so want to be used that doesn't feel like that isn't happening either. The connections; the careers; the friendships; the finances; the dreams; the dilemmas. Here is our support---Jeremiah 45:5---seek not great things for yourself. God takes notice of what is happening. Be content for life is more than food. And those thickly flying arrows adding grief to Baruch's sorrow, to your sorrow. Loading the troubles upon troubles. Baruch thought he would be "known" by reading the scroll not "banished." And he wanted to be excused not enrolled in prison based on good behavior like Joseph. Why? Jeremiah even sympathized and listened to Baruch but couldn't see beneath the reasonable request of Baruch.  Jeremiah didn't know what to say to comfort Baruch.  Couldn't see like God could. It seemed to be a reasonable request to save him from jail time after he did a task so noble. Beneath it all, Baruch was flailing in his faith because what he really wanted was the honor that came from this world. In His mercy, God showed him himself. God, in His Providence, is showing us who we really are way down deep and what our trust and honor is placed in. So, re-set your mind. There is no continuing city here. And, if our lives are continued, it is solely for the opportunity to glorify God in this world and get ready for that better city.  So, if you are reading this, this prophecy is for you.

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