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Friday, February 22, 2019

"Miscarriage of Faith" Numbers 26-27

 It is called the "waters of strife" where Moses did not express himself His thoughts of God and Israel with honor. And he would never see the land of Canaan for his his words and ways. Numbers 27:12. A miscarriage of faith is how he will be spoken of in his last days.  Yet, God allows him to see the welcomed land in all its glory from the tippity top of a mountain.  While it sounds tantalizing, the word says that it was all but a rebnke.  It was an affirmation of the better country he was about to enter.  And that is comfortable peace to those who are dying.   

"Thus the death of our near and dear relations should be improved by us. As an engagement to us to think often of dying. We are not better than our fathers or brethren; if they are gone, we are going; if they are gathered already, we must be gathered very shortly. As an encouragement to us to think of death without terror, and even to please ourselves with the thoughts of it. It is but to die as such and such died, if we live as they lived; and their end was peace, they finished their course with joy; why then should we fear any evil in that melancholy valley?"

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