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Friday, January 4, 2019

"Headed to A Heavenly Country" Genesis 12-15

My kids live everywhere I am not, except for one. I have to let them go. You spend 18 years together and the chapter ends. How can I live in the present moment without them. I love them so. Know this. We are all called to another country. Move on. Job done. Go on with God. Hold them close forever. 

The Creator of this wide world told Abram to go from his country, from his people, from his father's household to a land God would show. Gen 12:1. 

The Unknown. Don't we sit there in some ways this very day. The Creator God telling us to move, to go, to love, to stop. Why did Abram leave it all. Divine Guidance. His sole decision based on a premise---he was headed to a heavenly country and it was the next stop along the way. 

Reader, go and do likewise. Do your calling. Go with God. Another country.

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