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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"Ruined By Not Repenting" Genesis 25-26, Matthew 8:1-17

It is always right to desire the good things.  It is always wrong to demand and connive to get them for ourselves.  Do we walk after our own eyes? Job 31:7. "If we use ourselves to deny ourselves, we break the force of most temptations." M. Henry.  Esau wasn't starving to death for pottage in that wealthy house, he just held contempt for the supposed blessings---what good are they when I am dead?  So Esau makes a really bad bargain by eating and drinking and pleasing his own palate and "put the bargain past recall." Genesis 25:33. Esau doesn't give much thought to this one.  "People are ruined, not so much by doing what is amiss, as by doing it and not repenting of it." M. Henry. Nothing has meant more to me in my old age than dealing with what is going on in my heart.  In the midst of much loss, all I can focus on is my own sin, my own amiss.  

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