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Friday, September 8, 2017

September 9 "In Transitu" John 9

As Christ passed by the very people who despised Him, he healed one of their neighbors. Lifted a burden off the community who took care of this blind helpless man for 3 decades. In transitu, as he passed by. May we live to love as we pass by. Blind men and sighted. Never stop doing them good, even if treated invisible. With common elements of mud and saliva. He used what He had. The very thing the Pharisees had a fit over---how the eyes of the blind man were opened. You would have thought they would have thrown him an all-town parade. Instead the Pharisees threw him out! No longer blind. No beggar job; no family support; no community behind him. But, because he went to the pool of Siloam, he was healed. May we go to places we are called to go with mud on our faces.

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