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Friday, August 4, 2017

August 5 "Redeeming Dark Places in my Heart" Isaiah 50-54

God's Hand is not too short. Isaiah 50:2 If he sends really hard things our way, do we complain that He is too harsh? He turns life into wilderness. And we argue that it is too much. Who does the argument start with? Not God. Our own desires. His hand is His Strength. Can he dry up the Red Sea? Of course. Can he make a wilderness of our story? Absolutely. Can we argue with the Mighty Hand of God on our lives? Can we set limits on Omnipotence? Can the Almighty hand deliver us from what we face? Will He? Can He silence our questions, our doubts of His Hand in our lives? Here is unquestionable proof: He dried up the sea. He made the rivers into wilderness. And He redeemed His children out of all of it. Redeemed Israel out of Egypt. Redeemed me out of my worldly coveted land. And He can redeem those places in my heart that still need redemption.

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