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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 5 "Do Not Remain Silent" Psalm 108-114

Do not remain silent. Psalm 109:1
"Hold not the peace. Break the solemn silence" says the commentary.
A word from You is all I need this moment to make it through.
May our confidence in You run the gamut deep and long. 
Even in darkness, light dawns for the upright. Psalm 112:4

It happened on an ordinary Wednesday like today, right after a holiday, 9 years ago.  Friends who knew me then still ask me about it, even this week. The Fed Ex man left an envelope at my Benbrook door.  The return address was a Houston bank.  I must have screamed a little too loud as Britt came running to my side: "What is it Mommy?"  "Britt, we have just been sued." Why was that my default?  I ripped open the unwanted outer envelope to find an inner letter-sized envelope with a yellow post-it note attached with a legible handwritten message:  "Hope this helps." How can being sued help anyone? I ripped open the inner envelope and held a document that read: "International Money Order" at the top.  Made out to me.  $1,000.  But wait, there were four more just like it.  We called it our secret agent. $5,000. We needed $1,500 by that Monday.  Here it was with a $3,500 tip. God used humans to send His Word of Providence.  He sent His Power for me to face what I had to on that day and this day.

Do not remain silent, O God!

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