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Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 2 "Householders' Psalm" Psalm 96-102

"When will you come to me?" Psalm 101:2
Such an intriguing question.
Some commentaries think David penned this psalm
when he finally took the throne after waiting 25 years.
The psalm fits a "good magistrate" and a "good master."
When, God?
This is the householder's psalm. For all the places we lead.
No matter what our outward condition is---joy or sorrow.
Keep these words in your mind.  On repeat. 
We must sing this psalm in our world.
This is how David would walk in his own house,
for he was still under the watchful Eye of God.
Our greatest goal in living in our homes is this.
That God may dwell there all our days.
We invited Him from the day we moved in.
Sometimes I feigned soul amnesia and forgot He was there.
Most days I knew it, breathed it, lived it.
It's over.  The last child flips over the calendar to 26 today.
I've thought much about what we left there in that home.
Thought much about what God did there.
I can't take it back and I wish I could in ways.
But we gave the best we had from where we sat and walked.
And all I can do is ask today:
When will you come to me, God? And a tear falls.
All those days brought me to this tear.  I want Him so.
So, what's the point:  Walk circumspectly under the
Hand of Providence, under the Watchful Eye of God.

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