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Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 30 "Every Word is Profitable: Divine Patience" 1 Chronicles 1-2

 God put these chronicles of men in the Bible for a good reason.  Profitable to us.  That's what the Bible calls every single word. So, we should read and not skip.  Therefore, don't leave it out.  This pedigree is attached to places; these people are attached to God. The Providence of God.   Keeping up generations of men.  Preserving degenerate scores of men.  God could "ease the burden under which it groans, but the divine patience lets the trees that cumber the ground not only grow, but propagate."  .
Matthew Henry

I think it so "off" that holy people have unholy children.  But here it is.  Josiah and Jehoakah.  One generation of holiness passes ... and another generation of despicable horror ensues.  There are times, I've felt so responsible.  But, here it is.  Holiness isn't passed down like jewels.  Holiness is bought with a pearl of great price. 

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