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Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 2 "Live To Love" 1 Samuel 21-23

I Samuel 21:10 -
Saul has slain his thousands.
David has slain his tens of thousands.

Saul heard the women of all the villages collectively praising the one beneath his stature, beneath his superiority, beneath his success. Customary for those who come back from battle. All the women of the country come out and cheer as you march through the towns. And he couldn't stand it. What happens when we are overlooked in the league of life? Do we still live to love? Live to give? Live to learn? Or do we demand that life must be managed to keep up our persona. If we are attached to the One Who directs our story like a watercourse, we will "let go" when others walk away with the medals. Let go.

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