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Friday, March 3, 2017

March 4 "Promised Lands" Deuteronomy 14-16

"Do not set up any wooden Asherah pole beside the altar you build to the Lord your God, and do not erect a sacred stone, for these the Lord your God hates." Deut 16:21 - Worshipping other gods.  What is it that we do with this one life of ours?  What set-ups have I placed before my God?  What have I done with the kind of bewilderment Moses must have hinted at in his feet not touching promised ground.  The beautiful point in all of Moses' last sermon is that he looked life square in the eye and looked right past Promised Lands into the eyes of God.  He begged to enter his dream.  He let it go.  Not in just a second or passing thought.  He let decades of dreams dashed disintegrate.  Moses learned to trust in deepest of loss.  May we live our dreams like Moses did.  With open hands, open hearts.  

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