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Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 31 "Treasure the Word of God" I Samuel 15-17

God looks at the heart; not at the outward appearance.  I Samuel 16:7.  David was a prince in his own right.  Yet, when God looked at the 7 brothers, he saw David's heart, even as a very young man.  In this world, it is all about the majesty of the person---their looks, their contributions, their success.  Even as a young boy, David treasured the Word of God, Psalm 119:97.  This was what he meditated on and lived out.  At first many didn't notice.  God never missed a frame.  So, whether we appear great or small in the eyes of this world, what matters most is how God sees our soul.  What about this heart of mine?  Doesn't matter who passes me by.  Only matters by the One Who passes me by every single day and fills this broken heart with Himself. 

PHOTO:  The uncomely pastures of Kansas.  Nothing spectacular here.  But something about standing in this pastoral place.  

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