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Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 20 "The Eternal Word of God Speaks" Judges 5-6

God knew Gideon had courage.  Gideon had stood tall tens of times before. Yet, not this time. Gideon was beside himself over the scenario.  And his countrymen didn’t know him to be that way either. But, Gideon never stopped talking to God, meditating while he was threshing, over the horrific situation and how he could work out the deliverance of these heartless people.  Are we grieving over those who have stiff-armed our Lord?  This Presence comes to Gideon to say that it is None Other than Jehovah, the Eternal Word of God, Who was present with Gideon and with you and with me, right where we sit tonight in our rooms in 2017.  God’s Word is our help!!! And is ever Present! And that gives me so much hope! So, go to work tomorrow, teaching school, writing books, serving corporate America, taking care of the sick, and raising courageous children---and while you are there, remember, the Eternal Word of God will appear to you as He did to Moses and David herding sheep; Gideon threshing the fields; Elijah plowing the land; and the disciples dutifully catching fish and mending nets. The Eternal Word speaks in the present moment.  And that changes everything for me where I sit this night.    

PHOTO: A non-descript walk back in time.  The place where I met the Eternal Word of God in a powerful way that set my fearful face like a flint. The place where my life fell apart.  And where the Eternal Word of God stood me back on my feet and said:  I am with you, o mighty warrior. Fort Worth.  

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