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Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 12 "Narrow Road" Numbers 3-4

Numbered.  Assigned.  Appointed.  The total tribe of Levi is in place.  The able-bodied soldiers ready.  The organization is impeccable.  "The Merarites were but 6200 in all, and yet of these there were 3200 serviceable men, that is, more than half."  Soldiers were called at 20.  Ministers were called at 30---an honor for those more in the prime of life. May we step into our calling even when the world may recognize us as returnable.

One commentary said that "the least of the tribes had almost four times as many able men as the Levites, and some of them more than eight times as many.  And the application for today is that there are way more of those engaged in the service of this world and warring after their flesh than those who are devoted to the service of God and fighting the good fight of faith.  Matthew Henry Commentary.  The road is truly narrow and the followers are few.  Walk the narrow road.

PHOTO:  A Roman mural.  I cannot fathom mustering 600,000+ and yet, they fight the good fight with less than their neighbors.  And they maintain order.  And this is phenomenal.  And this is God.

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