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Friday, February 10, 2017

February 10 "So, What's The Point?" Leviticus 26-27

"These are the commandments which Yahweh commanded Moses for the children of Israel on Mount Sinai." Lev 27:26. Given for their joy. Manifested in holy love.  

And so the book of Leviticus ends.  And you have to always ask yourself as you read your Bible:  So, what's the point?  Here it is:  all these kinds of laws were directed toward Israel's society not ours. The laws we just read are culturally specific.  Yet, Paul wrote in the NT that "the laws were written for our instruction" and they are "useful.  So, as we close this book of laws, we ask:  What did I just learn from all of these laws about how God wants me to truly live and about how he wants my society to truly live.  And the word I walk away with is "rest."  It's real rest that I long for.  And Sabbath rest. May I find true rest in Him, not in the tangibles of life. 

PHOTO:  Roman ruins.  Civilizations built and destroyed.  A manifest of courage.  Holy Love.  Holy Rest.  

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  1. Leviticus was not an easy read for me. But the take-away is eternal. Sabbath rest. God wants me to live in a rest I know not. May I find it moving into moment by moment.