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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 12 "Reigning with Christ" Genesis 35-37

No words.

And it all starts with a dream that God gives Joseph in Gen 37:5 a dream to hold onto. A prospect of hope that he will not be imprisoned forever. None of us will be in our circumstance forever. Then, Joseph waits for word from his father to join his brothers, at the right time.  He readily waits for his command to go.  Do we?  And then what words for it.  His very own brothers throw Joseph into a pit to perish while they sit down to eat bread together.  That one sin of theirs turns into multiple as they attempt to coerce, hide, manipulate, lie, steal, murder.  One sin teaches them they must conceal it again and again through their whole lives---for they don't change.  They go on ruling their own lives. Joseph goes through unthinkable troubles over decades because of that one sin.  Yet.  Joseph moved through troubles by righteous living, letting Christ reign over a prison.  May Christ reign in our lives today, no matter the circumstances.


  1. Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob's old age. Joseph, the dreamer, dreams which God give him. Joseph, the one sold into slavery in Egypt. From the highest to the lowest. From pride to humility.

    My prayer today:
    LORD, if and when you speak to me, do not let me be prideful about it. Let me humbly accept your word for my life.

  2. Sorry for the mixed-up confusing post yesterday. My phone is broken and waiting to get a new one.