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Monday, October 10, 2016

October 3 "Kum Bah Ya" Luke 7-8

My Dear Precious Grandchildren,

Ezekiel, I sang a song to you this trip, Kum Bah Ya.
Ezri, I hummed it in your ears.

Here are told two of my favorite stories in the NT:
The widow of Nain - she lost her only boy.  How heartwrenching.
They carried him out of the city and Jesus appears out of nowhere.
And He says words that so many would say to me:
"Don't cry" even in the midst of the hardest day of your life.
He came near and touched the boy.
Kum bah ya.
Meanwhile, John is writing from prison about to lose his life.
Are You the One?  Yes!  E & E, He is!
The One who heals the sick and raises the dead.
We don't know what He will do in our lives but
it will be magnificent and good.
Come near to us, dear Jesus, and touch our broken lives.

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