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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July 28 "Send Me" Isaiah 5-8

Dear Barrett, Brooke, Blair, and Britt,

The church has been our life.  When Britt was about 7 years old, he said to me: "I think Daddy loves the church more than he loves me."  Not so.  And this thing that we adored with all our hearts was also the mists of such sorrow for us.  So, we are beyond thrilled for God to commission us once again, today.  Send me.  Isaiah 6:8.  "In the year that the King Uzziah died." (In the year of 2006 when my strong attachment to a pastor died, I saw the Lord.)  Holy, Holy, Holy, the Lord Almighty.  God never intended for me to be attached to anyone but Him.  Beyond grateful for your dad to begin a  new chapter this weekend.  This church is the glory of God---His delight.  Don't ever stop going.

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