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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24 "What To Do With Those Who Disagree" Nehemiah 4-6

My Dear Children, People will disagree with you all your life.  What to do?  Nehemiah did not answer the fools, he took their inappropriate comments straight to God in prayer.  Nehemiah 4:14.  Let us remember our God.  Our God will fight for us.  He will fight for our families.  God hears those people who have slighted you.  May your good work go on well like this wall that Nehemiah builds.  The people had a mind to work like Luke and Barrett and Britt.  When the insults and gibes happen, may it quicken us to our duty not drive us away.  I am at fault, at sin, for even trying to read the faces of those who slight me.  Let's turn to God and listen to His Words.  

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